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Intentional: Raising Passionate Jesus Followers

We believe that the next generation— the children being raised right now— can change the world. They matter—to God, to you, and to us. That’s why we’re coming alongside parents to offer them hope and practical help in their God-given task of raising the next generation of passionate Jesus followers. 

We do this through 2-day conferences— both locally and globally. And through our new book, "Raising Passionate Jesus Followers: The Power of Intentional Parenting".


Upcoming Conferences

Intentional Conferences are two day gatherings created to give parents in-depth, Biblical understanding of what it looks like to raise passionate Jesus followers. How do you do this? What do you need to know?

Phil and Diane walk through the scriptures offering practical, step by step instruction for raising children in every stage and we'd love for you to join us!

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Meet Phil & Diane Comer

When the Jesus Movement swept through California in the 1970’s, Phil was a drummer in a rock band called, The Chosen Few. Within days of hearing the Gospel for the first time, he surrendered his life to Jesus, stumbling his way to authentic faith for about four years before he chose, once and for all to follow Jesus and be baptized.

Not wanting to return to a lifestyle that kept pulling him away from real faith, he quit the band and began serving in the only way he new how- by playing drums. Which led to leading worship, which eventually led to full time ministry as a pastor on staff at one of California’s first mega-churches.

That’s where Diane and Phil met. Phil— a new believer, with scant background of biblical faith— and Diane— also a new believer— with even less background of faith. By the time they met and married, Phil had already been a pastor for three years. Diane spent the next years delighting in serving by his side, finding her niche in mentoring women and mothering their four children.


Free Ongoing Resources

The Intentional Parents blog offers biblical wisdom, hope, and practical help to parents in their God given task of raising passionate Jesus followers. It features weekly posts from Diane to moms and monthly posts for dads from Phil. In addition, you will receive periodic advice about what is working from parents in the trenches, as well as insight from experts in their fields.

A few of the most recent posts are below, but be sure to check out our blog and resources page for a growing collection of free resources.


What pastors and leaders are saying about Intentional

“I’ve known Phil and Diane from their first date. Their walk with God has been pristine. Their marriage is rock solid. Their children walk with God and serve Him wholeheartedly. The principles in this book are based on Scripture and the applications are clear and helpful. I pray that it will help many families who want to bring up godly children and want to know how to do it from a godly, thoughtful, loving, and wise couple.”

- Luis Palau
Evangelist and Author