Welcome to the Intentional Parents blog. For a very long time we have been telling people that we really are going to start a blog for parents. Now is finally the time!

“The purpose of this blog is to bring hope and practical help to parents in their God-given task of raising sons and daughters who become passionate Jesus followers.

We’ll explore topics a little more thoroughly than we are able to in our conference, answering questions and inviting conversation about the how’s and why’s and when’s of what it looks like to make disciples of your own children.

In this first post we want to explain what we hope to accomplish in this space. Because we know you’re busy, we promise to never post more than once or twice per week and to run each post through the grid of, “Is this worth parents’ time?”

  • Diane will write a weekly post to moms, offering insights and answering questions. She’ll also recommend books and bring women into what she is learning about life and family and intimacy with God.
  • Phil will write to fathers once a month.. In his eminently practical way, he’ll offer insight to dads to help them in their God-given role as leaders and encouragers of their families.
  • We also plan to invite experts in various fields to bring their unique wisdom to the conversation.
  • In addition, we will invite parents “in the trenches” to share with us what they are doing that is working, as well as older parents to share things they’re glad they did. 
  • We look forward to including posts from our travels all over the world, seeking the perspective of parents in different cultures who are joining arms to raise up a generation of men and women whose hearts beat for God.

Next year, God willing, we will be teaching in Scotland, England, Albania, Cuba, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, as well as in Maryland, Boston, San Francisco and New York City. We are also privileged to go to smaller communities like Astoria and Albany, Oregon.

We hope to introduce you to parents in each of these places who—just like you— are accepting God’s invitation to raise sons and daughters who become passionate followers of Jesus. 

Serving Him with joy,

Phil and Diane Comer

Malachi 4v5-6


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